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What's going on?

A single comment on Reddit snowballed into a tsunami of support from users on the site, Twitter, and elsewhere! Sadly, our regular site was not able to handle all the attention, so we put up this splash page to help accomodate some of the load. We know you all love granting wishes, and we'll get back to that once things subside a bit, but we hope you'd consider a donation to help us grant more wishes for kids!

Since Monday: Nearly 800 wishes have been granted. More than $85,000 was donated to fill wishes, and an additional $25,000 has been raised to fund future wishes.


What we do

At One Simple Wish we believe that every child deserves love, hope and joy. Every year nearly 500,000 children are impacted by abuse, neglect and trauma and spend time in our nation’s foster care system. It can be lonely, confusing and a bit scary. Through our innovative wish-granting platform, you can send some love to a child who needs it. When wishes come true, kids not only have a chance to just be kids, but they can also make important connections, experience new things and find their passion!
500,000+ kids spend time in foster care each year.
100,000+ kids are waiting to be adopted.
22,000+ young people age out without stable, permanent connections.

We are here for them all!



Though this isn't the first time we've been buried under an avalanche of support, it has been awhile (shout-out, CNN!). We're currently in the midst of major upgrades to bring speed and stability for our platform - unfortunately, you caught us before we were ready to go live!

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